Travel to Åre

With a railway station in the middle of the town and the closest airport less than one hour away, another airport just under two hours away, Åre is close but still far enough away for new experiences. Once in Åre most places are within walking distance. Buses, rental cars and taxis can be booked year round.


Train to Åre

The travel centre in Åre is situated by the train station in central Åre. Several bus- and train companies offer direct connections to Åre from Sweden's larger cities and Trondheim in Norway.

By air to Åre

In connection to the destination there are two airports within two hours transfer. To the east, Åre Östersund Airport, with domestic flights from Stockholm and other swedish airports as well as international flights. The transfer time from Åre Östersund Airport is approx. one hour. To the west, in Norway, Trondheim Airport Vaernes with several daily international and domestic flights. The transfer time from Trondheim Airport Vaernes is approx. two hours.

Åre Östersund Airport

Åre Östersund Airport is the largest airport in the county of Jämtland. The airport has both domestic and international flight connections. Situated at Frösön, 85 km south east of Åre and 11 km west of Östersund centre.

Airlines that serve the airport:

Trondheim Airport Værnes

Trondheim Airport Vaernes is the international airport of Trondheim, Norway. It is situated by the small town Stjørdal, 32 km east of Trondheim centre and 135 km west of Åre.

Airlines that serve the airport:


Bus to and in Åre


The ski bus takes you conveniently around our ski area from Duved in the west to Åre Björnen in the east. The ski bus starts running before the lifts open, and continues to run at approximately one hour intervals, with a slightly longer break during lunch, until the lifts close. All skiers ride the bus free of charge, as your SkiPass acts as your ticket.

The Ski bus runs from december to april.

Länstrafiken Jämtland

Local public transport. Buses for travels within the county of Jämtland.


Express bus during the winter season to Åre from Stockholm with stops in Uppsala, Gävle, Sundsvall and Östersund. Same return path.

Local bus companies for transport of larger groups


Travel by car to Åre

Distance to Åre in kilometers

E14 stretches from Stjørdal, just north of Trondheim in Norway, to Sundsvall at the east coast of Sweden. On its way it passes through the main villages of Åre municipality. Here are some distances by car from the largest cities in the Nordic countries:

Trondheim 168 km (approx 2,5 hrs)

Sundsvall 285 km (approx 3,5 hrs)

Stockholm 630 km (approx 7-8 hrs)

Oslo 660 km (approx 8 hrs)

Göteborg 890 km (approx 11 hrs)

Malmö 1 120 km (approx 12-13 hrs)

Traffic reports

The Swedish Transport Administration reports on the traffic situation. 


Transfer from airports and trainstations

Airport Transfer

Transfers from and to Åre Östersund Airport and Trondheim Airport Vaernes to Åre are available to book during the winter season to fixed stops and prices. 

Åre Train Transfer

Train transfers from and to Duved train station/Åre train station are available to book during the winter season to fixed stops and prices.



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